Five Reasons You Should Have Me Create Your Family Portrait Today

​​​The faintest ink is more powerful than the 

strongest memory.  Chinese Proverb

I love this saying!  And it is so true!  Where would we be today without our treasured photographs of our families and friends?  

Technology changes - remember computer punch cards, magnetic tapes, and floppy discs?

What good are those photos stored on memory cards, thumb drives, or CD's? 

You can't show them to anyone outside of the computer!

And, those thumb drives and CD's have short life spans!  They do NOT last forever - maybe five years before their digital information becomes corrupted!  Then, you can't even print them anymore even if you wanted to!

Phones get lost or destroyed. 

What happens when you lose your phone and all those memories on it?

(Click here for more information about the lifespan of digital files.)


From snapshots to professional portraits, PRINTING is the way to share your memories with generations to come!  Think about the emotions that wash over you every time you see a photo of a loved one who lives far away or has passed.  PRINTS carry that emotion!!!

And, to ensure that your memories last more than a lifetime, have your photos printed by a PROFESSIONAL photo lab!

Don't let your memories become lost to technology!  Professional archival PRINTING lasts for generations to come!

Let me help you capture your memories and PRINT them for your families!  Email me or call to chat today to find out more about capturing YOUR family memories!


Jane Ballard's Artist Statement

As a photographer who rarely has the opportunity to travel far from home, I focus on the world around me.  Using my Nikon digital camera, I enjoy capturing local icons and scenery. Most of my photographs are realistic representations, where I use editing programs mostly for color enhancement, sharpening, and cropping.  My favorite photographs are printed on metal or metallic paper, but, one way or another, they MUST be printed to be enjoyed properly!

I am venturing more into the abstract, photographing ordinary things and presenting them in a new way.  I use oil and water, fire, fairy lights, blacklights, among other things to create images that are barely recognizable as the commodities that they really are!

I regard my photographs as specific captures of time never to be reproduced exactly as they were the first time I recorded them.  I enjoy sharing my perspective with all who wish to see!

creating Memories

Family Photographer, Joplin MO - families, Seniors, Couples, corporate, pets
Jane Ballard Photographer

​​​Jane Ballard Photography

Are you ready to capture your family memories?  Here are five great reasons that you should choose ME as your family photographer!

1.  I want to get to know you!  We will be spending some time together and my artistry will be displayed on the walls in your home!  I want to get to know you so I can create YOUR perfect family portrait.

2.  I specialize in capturing the love and emotion between you and your family - including your furbabies!

3.  I CARE about your images!  I will have your images printed on archival quality materials to last for generations to come!  

4.  Photography is ART - I will create ART for your home from wall portraits to albums and prints to share with family members.  

5.  100% Money Back Guarantee - If you are not absolutely thrilled with your finished images, I will give you your money back - no questions and no hard feelings!