We BOTH want you to get the most out of and look your best for your photo session!  I want to create timeless images for you that aren't easily categorized to a decade (remember the 1980's "Glamour Portraits!")  Here are a few tips and suggestions for you to get the most out of your time and to help me create the best portraits that I can!

In General -

Please avoid solid black or solid white clothing.  Cameras can have trouble with over or under exposing these colors and, worn together, the contrast can make you look "aggressive"!

Wrinkled Clothes - It seems obvious, but you would be surprised!  Take a few extra minutes to make sure that what you have chosen to wear is ironed and wrinkle free!  The camera DOES pick up on that!

Busy Patterns - Unless it's the pattern in the fabric that you are trying to capture, it's best to go conservative with your clothing for portraits.   Everyone will want to avoid large checks, wide stripes, herringbones, and loud patterns.  Solid colors or smaller patterns are much more timeless and will create much nicer looking portraits.  Solid colors and LONG SLEEVES work best to not draw the focus away from your face!

For Family Sessions - try to coordinate your colors so you "blend" together!  That doesn't mean that everyone has to wear the same color, just make sure that they are complementary colors!  Try to avoid any items will logos or writing on them - they can be distracting and date the image.  Again, conservative is best!

Ladies -

Come ready to start your session.  Please have your hair and makeup done before you arrive.  Touch-ups can be done when you get here, but doing your hair and makeup when you get here will take away from your session time!  Try not to overdo the hair or makeup for more timeless images.  The same applies to jewelry - choose conservative classics!

Short Skirts and Revealing Tops - Again, conservative wins!  Timeless portraiture prefers conservative!  Skirts that reach the fingertips when standing up are as short as you really want to go.  And, keep in mind, your Grandmother may be looking at these images!

Undergarments that don't match the outfit - be sure to wear undergarments that complement your outfit.  You don't want a black bra strap sticking out from under a white blouse!  Stick with nude colors to more closely match your skin tones.

Layers - Go easy with the layers!  A light sweater over a pretty blouse is fine, but don't overdo it!

Guys -

If you are wearing a suit, choose a blue suit with a light blue shirt.  A tie with red in it will add "power" to your look.  This is an especially good look for corporate portraits!

And, on a very personal level, gentlemen, please trim your eyebrows, ear and nose hair, beard and mustache.  Ladies, if you have a little "peach fuzz", remove it before applying your makeup.  Your makeup will look better and there won't be any "fuzziness" to your facial features!

Now, with all that said, it is YOUR photo shoot!  If black is your color and crazy hats and big jewelry is your style, then THAT is what we will capture! 

And, please, if you have ANY questions at all about your photo shoot and what to expect, CALL ME or email me!!!  417-501-9960 or jane@janeballard.com

More Cool Stuff...

I'm a firm believer in not re-inventing the wheel...  There is a pretty cool web site called "Color Me Pretty" that talks about the "seasons" of colors and what personal traits you have that will help "categorize" yourself in to those seasons and find the perfect colors for you!  Of course, they are trying to sell products, but the information is really good to help you find what will make you look your best! 

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